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    Lot Belege China, u.a. 3 Briefe Mandschukuo in die Schweiz gelaufen, R-Zensur-Brief von CHUNKING 1942 nach GENF (maschinengeschriebener Leitvermerk "By Air Mail up to Clacutta and onward by surface transport" mit roter Tinte gestrichen; diverse frühe Ansichtskarten Volksrepublik und auch Briefe, dann 7 Belege Laos und 11 Kambodscha, insgesamt 36 Belege
    1910-2012 (36)

    Automatically generated translation:
    Lot documents China, including 3 covers Manchukuo to Switzerland used, registered censorship letter from CHUNKING 1942 to Geneva (typewritten routing indicator "By Air Mail up to Clacutta and onward by surface carrier" with red ink annulled; various early picture postcards people's republic also covers, then 7 documents Laos and 11 Cambodia, in total 36 documents 1910-2012 (36)

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